North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey



This North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey comes in sizes S – 3XL for men, S-XL for kids, and S-2XL for women with flexible prices.

Product information:

Soft & breathable: Mesh fabric prevents Polyester’s stuffy feeling from the inside and this Jersey is still smooth on the outside.

Fully customizable: Name, number, team name, logo can be personalized

Easy to care: Quick-drying, wrinkle-free.

Addtional information:

Estimated Processing time: 2-6 business days. Estimated Shipping time: 10 -25 business days (standard shipping), 7 – 10 days (fast shipping).

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North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football jersey

Do you often go easy on choosing the North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey? Do you usually wear the same type of jersey when playing different types of sports? It’s a misconception. You should know that wearing the right clothes for the sport you are practicing satisfies the aesthetic factor and helps you increase your inspiration and confidence a lot there.

The North Carolina Tar Heels are the intercollegiate athletic teams that represent the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The name Tar Heel is a nickname used to refer to individuals from the state of North Carolina, the Tar Heel State. The campus at Chapel Hill is referred to as the University of North Carolina for the purposes of the National Collegiate Athletic Association. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill was chartered in 1789, and in 1795 it became the first state-supported university in the United States.[2] Since the school fostered the oldest collegiate team in the Carolinas, the school took on the nickname Carolina, especially in athletics. The Tar Heels are also referred to as UNC or The Heels.[2] The female athletic teams are sometimes referred to as Lady Tar Heels.

The mascot of the Tar Heels is Rameses, a Dorset Ram. It is represented as either a live Dorset sheep with its horns painted Carolina Blue, or as a costumed character performed by a volunteer from the student body, usually an undergraduate student associated with the cheerleading team.[3]

Carolina has won 46 NCAA Division I team national championships in seven different sports, eighth all-time, and 52 individual national championships.

Source: Wikipedia

What types of North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey are there?

North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy
North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy

We can easily categorize sportswear based on its intended use. Both men and women can apply this classification.

Sports Jersey such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, badminton

Clothing that requires flexible movement such as aerobics

You should choose the right type of clothing for each sport to be more confident and eye-catching.

Jersey apparel is no different from everyday wear; work vests can’t be worn to sleep and cool shorts at home that can’t be used when going to work. A suitable sports shirt will help you stay comfortable during exercise.

An eye-catching sportswear North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey guide


This is a perfect sport to increase height. You may have noticed that basketball players are all exceptionally tall. You will often run, jump, move and use your hands to throw the ball into the basket. Therefore, the preferred clothes to choose are cool, sweat-absorbing Jersey shirts. In particular, there is no sleeve to avoid entanglement.

However, not having the sleeves will feel insecure for girls, so that you can wear an inner t-shirt with short sleeves and a tank top outside.


The North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey has become a must-have item for all those baseball players. With its button-up form, and stripes running along with the shirt, Classical baseball jersey design won’t look good for chubby people. Instead, choose your self colorful designs with the baseball jersey collection.


T-shirts and wide-leg pants are the basic clothes when practicing Yoga.

T-shirts: you should choose a comfortable shirt, not a tight one. This will make your flexibility difficult, which can lead to injury. You should also not wear a shirt that is too loose, because you can be like swimming in a shirt.

Pants: Most people choose loose pants or cool shorts. However, make sure that the fabric is not too slippery to interfere with the practice.

Note: When practicing Yoga, you will be equipped with a mat in the gym. However, if it’s convenient and clean, you should buy your mat and leave it with your personal belongings when you practice. Remember to remove watches, phones, and jewelry when practicing.


Long-sleeve shirt: You should choose a cotton long-sleeved shirt in the cold season. This material will keep your body dry, avoiding catching a cold. In the summer, a corset will be a great outfit to help you confidently work.

Pants: No need to spend too much time choosing aerobic pants because leggings are the most suitable outfit. It would help if you only chose pants with good elasticity and fit your body because many abdominal and back exercises must be done on the floor.


This is a particular sport; you’re mistaken if you think it is good to cover everything up. Running requires all the organs to work, so the lighter the clothes, the better. A jersey that is not breathable will cause physical exhaustion.

Tops: Jersey shirts, North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey, and camisoles are top choices for running.

Pants: Priority is given to shorts, sundresses with high elasticity.

Shoes: No need to choose fashionable, eye-catching shoes. A pair of soft toe shoes that fit your feet, hug your ankles is the product you should choose

Beautiful, famous sportswear brands for you

Adidas: You must have heard of or used products from this brand. Shoes, clothes, etc., are all standard to every needlepoint. Genuine Adidas stores are available throughout the market. You can research the system of stores online and choose the nearest store to shop.

Nike: Nike is known for its quality standards that always come first. And when using a genuine product from this brand, you will want to refuse other types of sportswear. Indeed, Nike is a reliable choice for you. If you are familiar with world-famous brands, you will feel strange when you hear this name. But the followers of customized goods are too familiar with the Alishirts brand. From materials to designs, all satisfy even the most demanding guests.

It would be best if you chose sportswear of the right sport that you play: North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey

For sports that require a lot of exercise (badminton, tennis, golf, running), remember to say “3 nos” to clothes that are too tight, fabrics that do not absorb sweat, and colors that are too bright because they will make your body more susceptible to cold when sweating.

Instead, it would help if you chose to wear North Carolina Tar Heels Custom Navy Football Jersey with solid designs made from synthetic fibers to ensure the necessary elasticity and coolness, such as shorts, shorts, sleeveless T-shirts. … If you wear a skirt, you should pay attention to choose a skirt with a layer of padded pants inside to be able to move freely without worrying about encountering “problems.”

As for gentler physical exercises such as gymnastics, aerobics, yoga… you can choose to wear a more feminine and graceful outfit, as long as it is not too tight on the body, nor too loose. Such as a garment or one-piece dress, for example. But note that you should avoid choosing fabrics that are smooth, easy to crease, or too stiff because they will create a significant barrier when you perform jumping, flexing, or bending movements. At this time, spandex material will be the best choice.

Choose by body type and age.

If you are tall and thin, you should not choose a too-tight shirt to make you look slim. If you are short and fat, be careful not to wear brightly colored or horizontal stripes because they will make you less confident when practicing. You can freely choose any outfit for those with a balanced appearance, as long as it is suitable for your situation and age.

For example, young girls can wear sportswear with bright colors and unique designs such as underarms, short skirts, short shorts, two-piece tops… But if you are over 30 and above, clothes with simple designs, moderate hugs, and neutral colors will make you more beautiful and confident.

Besides, when choosing a jersey shirt, you should also pay attention to the appropriate training space. In general, don’t be too showy. Turn the practice floor into a fashion show because that will make you stand out to the point of being out of place with everyone around.

Hopefully with the suggestions that given above can help you pick your sports outfit the best fit.


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