Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler


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Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler comes in 2 sizes: 20 OZ and 30 OZ, made from stainless steel, with leak-proof lid and double-walled vacuum insulation guarantee to 3 – 4 hours heat keeping.

Attention: Hand Wash only, Product is not suitable for microwave & dishwasher

Key Feature:

High durability: Made from 100% 304-stainless steel, providing incredible impact resistance, perfect for camping, work-out, office… High-quality made material also has 100% anticorrosion; you can drink whatever you want with this tumbler.

Excellent heat-keeping: With double-walled vacuum insulation and a leak-proof lid, the tumbler can keep your favorite drinks at their best temperature for up to 4 hours

Child-Friendly: Cylinder shaped & low-weighted material with leak-proof lid, finally You won’t have to worry about your children spilling water, breaking drinkware or stepping on shattered glass anymore.

Environment-friendly: Small step but the significant impact, start caring for the environment now by getting rid of those plastic cups, buy for yourself and your family a tumbler, with high-durability and anticorrosion, this tumbler can be reused as many times as you want.

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Additional information:

Estimated Processing time: 2-6 business days. Estimated Shipping time: 4-7 business days.

Due to the pandemic, the shipping time may be delayed 2-6 business days.

Tumbler Size:

20 OZ, 30 OZ


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Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler

Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler
Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler

Quite possibly, the most well-known reason why customers choose Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler is the capacity to take it with them in a hurry. It fits pleasantly in their vehicles’ cupholders, and because of its leak-proof lid keeping their car stays flawless, even with a bumpy ride. They are made from 100% 304-stainless steel, perfectly cylinder design for easy grip-and-go, even after a sweaty work-out or a rainy day.

The word ‘tumbler’ has been available for use since the seventeenth century. At first, in the form of round-based metal cups, they would “tumble” around the table, which is an intentional practice for selling more alcohol to customers, as customers can’t put the cup down when they haven’t finished their drinks.

Victorian-type tumblers are the most well-known. They were ordinarily planned as show cups or containers, regularly engravings to stamp an extraordinary event.

Today, high capacity and leak-proof tumblers, like the Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler, are the best choices for their durability, child-friendly, and environment-friendly features.

Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler



No wonder 304-grade steel is the most used stainless steel material; it has incredible tensile strength, maximum operating temperature up to 870 degrees Celcius, with double-walled vacuum insulation. The material corrosion resists, and the metallic flavor test shows that with a 9/10 casual drink, the 304-grade steel can last up to a year until stains start showing up, from coffee to alcohol in the experimental environment. Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler is just like a bunker for your favorite beverage but still safe for your health.


As you might have acknowledged, this tumbler is likewise extraordinary for keeping drinks that ought to be served chilled, like Moscato, stay cold for quite a long time. That’s why bartenders always use it for mixing cocktails. Tumblers have a sturdy structure, leak-proof lid for all those fancy moves, and control the drink’s temperature. Furthermore, Office-workers usually make themselves a steaming mug of espresso or tea toward the beginning of the day to help them start their day. Espressos or teas should be served and enjoyed when it is still hot, so when they’re left in a basic ceramic cup and become cold before you can complete them, and tasting a room-temperature coffee is not pleasant. Luckily, these double-walled vacuum insulation tumblers are the saviors for your hot espresso or tea.


Taking off to the store with the children? Want to have something to drink on the road? Need some espresso fuel in the middle of gatherings at work?. Go on. Take your Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler. It is the best ally to the occupied, in a hurry present-day life. Try not to depend on those unnecessary, costly, and (inadequately developed) cups and drink holders. The Tumbler is a super-versatile answer for all your in a hurry refreshment needs, both hot and cold. Get it and get rolling! It can’t be better than something tough and compact for your daily refreshments.


This can’t be stressed more. There’s nothing amiss with visiting your number one shop or store for your espresso in the first part of the day. Yet, millions of cups of coffee are consumed each day. The exact number goes with one time used plastic cups are dumped into the environment. Remember to ask your #1 coffeehouse if customers can bring their own container. You can reuse tumblers for years; imagine everyone is using tumblers for coffee! Eath can be saved in just months.


A hot coffee leaving out in the middle of the living room can be dangerous; even a cracked ceramic cup could cut your hand. With This leak-proof Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler lid and strong stainless steel material, your worrying is no more!


Covid-19 has hit our world hard! Stay safe, wash your hand, keeping distance. It is highly recommended at shared places to use a clean and disinfected espresso tumbler. To ensure your tumbler cup doesn’t get incidentally swiped or lost, get at work.

Gilmore Girls Personalized Tumbler instruction


Regardless of whether plastic or hardened steel, microbes, germs, and soil can cover up some corners; pay attention to those! We suggest regularly washing your tumbler by hand with warm water.

It’s a must to clean your tumbler cups no later than 20 minutes after use, especially your espresso or tea has dairy or sugar. You ought to utilize a brush to clean corners inside the jug and on the lid where microscopic organisms can gather.


You have plenty of decisions regarding the “end-stage conveyance vehicle” for your favored refreshment – however, a protected tumbler ought to be at the actual first spot on that list. This protected tumbler will move forward your reusable cup game for all insulated cups, manageable cups, maintainable tumblers, and warm tumblers.


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