Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan shirt


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Vegeta was born on Planet Vegeta at around the age of 732. He is the oldest son of Kind Vegeta and brother of Tarble. Vegeta is a high class Saiyan and in his early days wore a uniform that heavily resembles his father’s. Vegeta’s mother has never been talked about or seen in Dragonball. In Bardock the Father of Goku, Vegeta is seen to be stronger than many saibamen at a very young age. After this, Planet Vegeta was destroyed by a “asteroid” while Vegeta was on a mission for Freeza who basically used the Saiyans for his own well being. Aside from working for Freeza for a while longer not much else is known about Vegeta’s childhood.

Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku

Vegeta shows up at Earth around age 762 with his weaker partner Nappa. Vegeta came to earth in search for the Dragoballs after Raditz’s scouted had picked up Goku and Piccolo talking about them. Vegeta comes to Earth and comes across the Z fighters. Nappa fights first and successfully kills Chiatzou, Tien, and Piccolo while Yamcha dies via letting his guard down against a saibamen. Nappa is just about to finish off Gohan when Goku shows up and easily defeats Nappa. Nappa’s power level is about 4,000 while Goku’s power without Kaioken was over 8,000. After Nappa is severely injured and unable to battle Vegeta kills him seeing no use for a fighter that weak. Vegeta than battles Goku and in the process gets his tail cut off and also gets sliced by yajirobe’s sword and his severely injured from battling Goku, and getting crushed by Great Ape Gohan. Vegeta barely manages to escape because of Goku telling Krillin not to kill him.

egeta shows up on Namek along with Freeza, Dedoria, Zarbon, Gohan, Bulma, and Krillin who are in search for the Dragonballs. Vegeta is also there for the Namekian DragonBalls but he is also there to prevent Freeza from getting his wish. Eventually Vegeta kills Dedoria who tells him that Freeza was actually the one that destroyed Planet Vegeta. He also kills Zarbon in their second battle after getting a zenkai boost from their first battle in which Vegeta lost. Eventually lots of things happen and Piccolo is wished back and teleported to Namek in which he fuses with Nail. Before this though the Ginyu force comes with more scouters via Freeza’s request. Vegeta ends up killing every member of the Ginyu force except Ginyu after Goku who finally got to Namek did all of the work. Vegeta wonders if Goku is the legendary super saiyan considering his annihilation of the Ginyu force. After this Ginyu changes body’s with Goku but Goku gets it back and makes Ginyu body change with a frog. Vegeta then puts Goku inside the healing chamber knowing they will need him for Freeza. After this Gohan, Krillin and Dende Summon Porunga and use 2 out of the 3 wishes to restore Piccolo’s life and send him to Namek. Just as Dende is telling the Dragon their final wish Guru dies turning the Dragobballs into stone. Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan Vegeta has awoken and senses Freeza coming. Freeza shows up angry that his wish has not been granted. Vegeta fights Freeza and gloats that he is a super saiyan. Vegeta tells Freeza to transform and explains that Zarbon told him that he can transform. Freeza does this and impales Krillin with his horns. Vegeta tries to attack Freeza in his 2nd form while he is distracted with Gohan but it is useless. Piccolo shows up after fusing with Nail and Vegeta is shocked that Piccolo who was weaker than Nappa is challenging Freeza. Piccolo fights Freeza and has the upper hand until he transforms again and Piccolo is severely wounded. Vegeta makes a plan with Krillin for him to blast him through the stomach and then for Dende to heal him in order to get stronger. Krillin does it reluctantly and then Dende heals him. Freeza transforms a 4th time and Vegeta challenges him confident that he is a Super Saiyan. Unfortunately Vegeta is no match for Freeza and is beaten to the near brink of death. Goku finally breaks out of the healing chamber and arrives at the scene. Vegeta tells Goku everything about Freeza and the Saiyans. Freeza shoots a beam through his heart and before he dies he tells Goku with tears in his eyes tells Goku about how he had to serve under Freeza and do his work for him. With his last words Vegeta tells Goku to get revenge on Freeza for the Saiyans and then dies. A while later Vegeta resurrected with everyone else who was killed by Freeza and just before he is teleported to Earth is surprised to see that Goku has become the Super Saiyan.

Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan

The Android Saga is one of the biggest sagas for Vegeta. He hooks up with Bulma and has his kid Trunks in this saga. Also in his if you could even call it a fight with Android 19 he turns SSJ and explains how he unlocked the form. Also he goes into the hyperbolic time chamber with Trunks and becomes stronger. He pummels 2nd form Cell but lets him become perfect because Cell said he could beat him. When Trunks is hit in the chest with Cells ki blast Vegeta becomes very angry and charges at Cell. Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan This was the first time we saw Vegeta actually care about someone. Later on in Gohan Kamehameha struggle with Cell, Vegeta hits Cell with a ki blast causing a distraction for Gohan to kill Cell. After this we don’t see the Z fighters for 7 years…

Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan shirt

Wearing this Easter 2021 Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan Shirt and have a glass. It is summer and it is fresh. Why not add more freshness to this awesome season? Beside it is awesome. Such a comfortable shirt can be wear 24/7. It made of 100% cotton and won’t shrink in the dryers. Thus, there is no better way of spreading the relaxation than wearing the message physically. The lovely message of sharing is caring is the utmost important message. Let join hand together and we will get Daddy you are as badass as Vegeta as strong as Goku the best Super Saiyan Shirt. This 100% cotton product is 100% effective in loving to chillax night.



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Soft shirts! Good quality! Quick delivery!
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The clothes is great for slim fit both for men and women.

Sometimes you need that simple colorful t-shirt that fits just right.

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The clothes is great for slim fit both for men and women.

Sometimes you need that simple colorful t-shirt that fits just right.

I was very happy with my shopping experience and the clothes arrived quickly.
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