Bee Christmas Gift Ornament



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Nothing says “Merry Christmas” like a swarm of honeybees buzzing around your head. Hopping on the bus to work, sitting in traffic, sitting through lectures- treat yourself to this whimsical bee ornament that will bring you joy all season long.
No more boring pansies for windowboxes or bright baubles which just clutter up your tree. With this sleek little guy posted by your front door, you’re guaranteed some cuteness every day! Bees are popular too- not only do they make honey and pollinate plants; their wings also mean good luck when found floating in soups or beer mugs! So with them by your side at all times (through the one year warranty time period), dare to wish someone happy birthday in

✔️ It is constructed of mica plastic.

✔️ The printed design is clear, non-faded

✔️ 85mmx85mm mica plate

✔️ The ornament can be used as home decor or to make thoughtful presents for relatives and friends during special occasions, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, birthdays…

✔️ It is ideal for expressing your personal style.