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When playing baseball, in addition to essential items such as bats, balls, and gloves, you also need to prepare other things, especially clothes. Choosing the fitting baseball shirt will help you feel more comfortable during the game.

Usually, when choosing a baseball shirt, players will be interested in two main points: the shirt model and the fabric. In this article, we invite you to join to review popular baseball shirt designs and materials to choose the fitting shirt for you.

Baseball Jersey

There are different styles of baseball jerseys that you can choose from depending on your age and league. While kids or teen baseball teams typically wear T-shirts or 2-button tops, high school, college, or professional teams often wear long button-down shirts. Here are some baseball jersey styles you can choose from:

  • Raglan Sleeve, 2 Buttons: The 2 Button Raglan Baseball Shirt is a raglan short-sleeve shirt (the bodice and sleeves are joined by a diagonal line from the collar to the armpit), waistband, and neck. With raglan sleeves, the sleeves and body are usually two different colors. The collar is short, and the button line consists of only two buttons, quite similar to the crocodile shirt.
  • Long Buttoned Raglan Sleeves: This shirt features a button-down neckline, raglan sleeves, and waistband.

Raglan sleeves, long buttons

  • Set-in, 2-Button Sleeves: This pattern is quite similar to a raglan, 2-button sleeve. However, the sleeves will be traditional, meaning a straight line will connect the sleeves and bodice from the shoulder to the armpit.
  • Set-in sleeves, long buttons: This shirt has traditional sleeves, and the button line runs from the neck down to the bodice.
  • Collarless, set-in sleeveless T-shirt: Because it fits and hugs the body, a traditional t-shirt with set-in sleeves will help you feel more comfortable.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose a suitable baseball shirt model. If you’re a “traditionalist,” you’ll probably like a shirt with long buttons. If you want more modern and comfortable shirts, you can choose the 2-button models that combine a traditional baseball shirt and a casual t-shirt. If you are in the comfort group, you can select regular collarless t-shirts.

Get the right baseball jersey fabric.

The fabric is also an equally important factor when you consider a baseball shirt. You should choose materials that absorb sweat well to help the wearer feel dry and comfortable when playing football. This increases your performance and ability to compete. Each type of fabric will have different advantages. Here are five commonly used materials for baseball shirts:

 Depending on your needs, you can choose the suitable fabric for you.

  • Dyna dry: This is a flat mesh fabric composed of 100% polyester. The advantage of this fabric is that it helps to absorb moisture and remove sweat quickly.
  • Flex dry: The dry flex fabric is composed of 90% polyester and 10% spandex for two-way stretch, is lightweight, and is very breathable. This fabric also provides relatively good moisture absorption.
  • Dry tec: This is a microfiber fabric, relatively good moisture absorption, and is quite soft. Dry tech is flat, smooth, and textured from 100% polyester.
  • Durafiber: If you’re looking for a heavier fabric, choose double knit durafiber. This fabric is exceptionally durable yet breathable. Durafiber helps absorb moisture as effectively as other 100% polyester fabrics.
  • Aerofiber: Aerofiber uses advanced technologies to make fabrics lighter. This fabric is designed with an open pinhole mesh and is stretchy and breathable. If you are looking for a material with good stretch and moisture absorption, this aerofiber fabric made of 90% polyester and 10% spandex will be the perfect choice for you.

After you have chosen for yourself the baseball shirt you like, what are you waiting for without starting the game right away?

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